How to Start Your Own Fashion Design Business

Hosted by Cheryl Gregory, entrepreneur, designer and business owner who started in fashion almost 30 years ago.









Learn About

The key areas you need to consider when starting up so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and wasting time on procrastination

Learn Whether or Not

Assessing whether you have what it takes to be a successful business owner so you can move forward with confidence in yourself and your business vision

Learn How To

Conduct proper research to help you identify the opportunities

Why You Should Take This Training

Starting out in business can seem daunting. So much to consider it almost seems impossible to know where to start. Cheryl will give you the clarity you need so you understand the key areas to consider as well as whether or not working for yourself is the best choice.

Cheryl has successfully launched several businesses in her career and is now providing fashion students of all levels the chance to further their skills and knowledge through her last business, The Fashion Student Hub.

The content from this webinar has been taken from her latest course on starting your own fashion design business.

Is This You?

  • Are you a designer looking to transition to self-employment?
  • Are you studying fashion with an aim of running your own business?
  • Do you already have a fashion design business but want to check you have everything covered?

If yes, then join me on this webinar because you'll find it's going to help you understand the steps you need to follow in order to successfully start your business.

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