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We're currently recruiting additional tutors to make The Fashion Student Hub the world's number one resource for short, online personal and career development courses for the fashion sector.


We Offer Tutors

Our tutors develop short instructional courses based on their field of expertise, whilst we take care of all the technology, quality, marketing and student recruitment.

  • Dedicated tutor education site teaching you everything you need to know to create and promote your courses.
  • Outstanding revenue sharing opportunities so you can truly earn whilst you sleep.
  • Full support in designing and producing your course.
  • Full technical support for your courses.
  • Administration and reports on your course revenues.
  • Transparent reporting.
  • We need people with a passion for fashion and a relevant expertise to share whether in industry or education.

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If you're considering benefiting from hosting your courses on The Fashion Student Hub then you're sure to have some questions. So here's the answers to the common ones we get asked.

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Two platforms. Two audiences. One industry.


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