How To Create An Impressive Fashion Design Portfolio For University or A Job

Follow this course and learn how to create and present your fashion portfolio, so that it will inspire, impress and show off your unique ...

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How To Do Fashion Design Research Effectively And Never Run Out Of Ideas

This course will help anyone that uses research as part of their creative fashion design process. Carrying out effective research is an e...

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Advice And Guidance On Choosing A Career As A Fashion Designer

The fashion industry provides fantastic opportunities across a broad and diverse range of careers. In this course we help you unders...

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Learn About Common Fibres, Fabric Types And Textiles In Fashion

This course is an introduction to the world of fashion textiles, giving an overview of fibres through to finished garments. As a fut...

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Learn What A Career In Fashion Design Will Really Mean To You

The course teaches you everything you need to know to make an informed decision about working in fashion design so that you don't ma...

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Introduction To The Theory Of Color And Its Application In Fashion Design

As a budding young designer you will need to have a firm understanding of colour and how to use colour correctly within your designs. Thi...

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Learn Observational Drawing Skills For Fashion Sketches And Drawing

Drawing from observation is a key skill for designers to develop o they can make accurate sketches and interpretations of both what they ...

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Student Discussion Forum

By signing up to our free forum you have access to other student comments and interaction with tutors and the site administrators. Our f...

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How to Draw Fashion Flats And Working Drawings Accurately And Quickly

Learn the skill of drawing fashion flats and working drawings, an essential skill for all designers. This course is for beginners an...

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