Fashion Interview with Annesia Allie

Annesia is a creative leader & visionary. She services a diverse range of clients addressing their needs both domestically and internationally. Originally working in design, textiles, and sourcing, Annesia has been contributing her innovative talent to large fashion houses for over ten years and offers a dynamic range of aesthetic & skills. She is currently a full fashion service consultant.

In this month's interview, she gives us a look at what inspired her into choosing fashion as a career, what it's like working in fashion, as well as some tips for aspiring designers.


How Would You Describe Yourself as a Designer?

"Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” – Gianni Versace.

I design from my experiences, travels, culture, architect. I feel you find beauty in every step of your journey and you turn that into fashion, you wear it and carry it as your own masterpiece. You are the canvas and your style is the creation.

What Is Your Background and What Training Have You Had?

My first job in the industry was at Ralph Lauren. I started in design and then moved into product development, production and textiles. After years of being asked to collaborate with clients, celebrities, etc I decided to start my own creative consulting firm.

This has allowed me to take on projects involving brand identity development, event marketing, product placement editorial & media, social media, photoshoot, lookbook and design concept, production and sourcing, styling, interiors, cross PR and strategic alliances as well as fashion instructor and lecturer.

I've been lucky to work with designers such as Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Rachel Roy, Katama Swim, Alice + Olivia, Zac Posen, Tommy Hilfiger, Elie Tahari, Morgan Le Fey and more. I have also styled many fashion shows and magazine publications along with industry professionals and many celebrities and VIP clients.

When Did You Know You Wanted to Be a Fashion Designer?

I don't think I really decided to be a fashion designer, I think the arts chose me. I wake up and even if I tried to close my eyes to the world of art and fashion for one minute I couldn't as it's in my blood. I want to continue to work with pieces that make women feel beautiful and brave. Clothing is such an expression of individuality, I love researching different era's and time periods, strong women in our history. I want to design clothing that makes women feel like they can express themselves, take on life and all its glory gracefully and feeling fully empowered.

Was There Anyone in Your Family Who Made You Want to Design?

My mom for sure. She did beautiful hand embroideries when I was young. Her color choices were always so vibrant and fun. She had great personal style in Fashion and Home, I always remember style was always Regal and Classy.

What’s It like Working in the Fashion Industry?

Its great, I've been so lucky to work with amazing designers. I recently taught fashion courses to teenagers and immediately I realized what a superficial message the industry often send out. These beautifully gifted kids during my classes would question their talent, based on what they felt they needed to be or look like to thrive in the industry.

They were ready to alter their souls, cut it, shape it and twist it into whatever format they needed to so they could fit in. As someone that has a deep drive for reform and want to see change, this broke me.

I started looking at the magazine editors, the fashion bloggers. Those who are gratefully and luckily have a platform & audience and should have positive content to enhance creativity, fashion and art is and always will be an expression of oneself, it's supposed to make you feel beautiful.

Only when you express your true self you feel fully empowered, yet so many women and young girls looking at the magazines, the shows feeling immensely and utterly self-conscious more so than before with social media.

I hope the day will come when the millions of fashion editors, bloggers, etc on social media use these opportunities to send out a positive message about what art and fashion truly represents.

The Fashion Industry Is Going to Be Faced with Enormous Challenges and Changes In ‘Ethical and Sustainable’ Fashion. Is This Something That You Are Already Considering?

Yes absolutely! In the most recent years I have been paying very close attention to the environment and the affects the apparel industry has on it. I've been dabbling in my own collection ETHEREAL, it's an ongoing project. My vision for this consists of eco fabrics, airy, whimsical pieces. A collection that allows you to unwind with ease and comfort and style. My hope is contributing a percentage of funding creative programs across the globe.

How Important Is Developing a Network of Professional Contacts in Your Career?

It's extremely important. I've been so lucky in my career to connect with some extremely amazing talent of all walks. I believe your network grows organically the work speaks for itself and people gravitate naturally.

What Three Skills Would You Advise University Students to Develop Which They Can’t Directly Develop on Their Fashion Courses, to Help Them in Industry?

I feel its very important to get work experience. I've worked with so many young designers who are unprepared for the industry as they lack certain business or workplace skills. Internships are really helpful, getting involved in as many projects to enhance an area, ask your favorite mentors if you can shadow them and there is always the good old browsing the stores, staying on top of trends and whats happening in the current market.

If You Could Have Started to Study Fashion Design When You Were Younger, Say Whilst Still at School How Would This Have Helped You?

I wish my High School had taught fashion courses, I think it would have given me an early start.

And—Last, but Not Least—If You Could Talk to Your Ten-Year-Old Self, What Would You like Her to Know?

Hmm, I would tell her to draw more, master your skill. Kids are taught many different subjects more often only good at one. The job of the parent is to identify their talent and just push and encourage them all the way fuel and feed it with practice, hard work and dedication.

For further info about Annesia or to contact her please visit her website here.


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