Fashion Designers Go Back To The Drawing Board!

illustration Dec 29, 2016

Before the Internet and cameras, fashion design illustration was an absolutely essential part of presenting any design work. Today, there are far fewer fashion illustrators who make their living through drawing fashion, as so many rely on the computer.

But now it seems the art of fashion drawing is making a comeback in design studios throughout the world once more. Illustrating is and always will be an important ingredient in the fashion design you are trying to create.

Can you imagine how hard it would be to just use words to describe a design and expect co - workers to be able to make it? Drawing transcends language and is the perfect visual representation of any fashion design.

Having excellent drawing skills mean you can easily sketch your ideas onto paper to start any fashion production process.

Over the years in teaching I have seen many designers (who shall remain nameless!) create terrible sketches but end up with great designs, and great sketchers that are...

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19 Year Old Designer's Entrepreneurial Spirit Helps Her

designers illustration Jun 17, 2016

Fresh from her days at the London College of Fashion, 19-year-old Leeds-native Megan St Clair Morgan is anything but your normal recent graduate. 

And because we were so impressed by her cool watercolors and fun fluid lines, we jumped at the opportunity to share this article with you —and we’re so glad we had the chance to show you her talents!

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