10 Ways To Prepare For Your Fashion Design Course

Don't Go Blindfolded

So you've finally got accepted to a fashion course at university or art school. You now have a few months before your course begins and then you'll be wrapped up in the freshers weeks and settling into your studies and life away from everything you've been used to so far in your life. Making the most of your course depends on your attitude toward your studies and what you aim to achieve as much as t does to the quality of the fashion course offered.

The best applicants are those who are equipped with the basic skills and knowledge to succeed from their first day of fashion school. They don't start their course as if blindfolded. They've already prepared themselves as much as they can.

When you get to know as much about your program and college as yu can before you attend for the first day will allow you to sail through the course orientation basics, such as classroom location, facilities etc. 

Here are our top 10 tips for fashion course students taken...

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Some Top Tips You Will Need To Know If You Wish To Pursue A Career As A Fashion Designer.

careers university Jul 06, 2016

It is important to realise that pursuing a career in fashion design is much more rigorous than you might be aware.

Often when young teens think about taking a career in fashion design, they see it portrayed as being very glamourous by popular culture, and many can’t help but refer to reality shows on TV, which certainly do not show what is actually required from ‘serious’ design students.

This blog post gives a few important realistic pointers of what you can expect of life as a fashion designer, certainly starting out in your career.

What Does An Average Day At Fashion School Or University Entail?

Most days will be structured around a curriculum and you will be working towards this during your time at college or university. You will be expected to get to your classes on time, and will go to lots of lectures and lessons on different aspects of fashion and design.

Drawing skills are a must and you will do loads of sketching, make patterns and muslins, fit...

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The Top Twenty Five Fashion Schools In The World In 2016

So, you have made up your mind that you want a career in the fashion industry and now have to make the daunting choice of which fashion school to go to, and how to choose which one is best for your own needs? Perhaps you want to travel abroad to study, or maybe you just want to be nearer home, but in a great town or city? 

In my opinion, city schools and universities are way better – if the goal is to become part of the fashion community, then to live as close to the action as possible is surely a must?

The top universities of course look grand on any CV. But besides this, students at these get a lot of opportunities to share their work with the best in the business world. If you have the financial means to go to these schools, then any of these will be a great choice.

Here are my top twenty five recommendations:

  1. Central Saint Martins - London United Kingdom
  2. Parson's School Of Design. New York/Paris
  3. London College Of Fashion. London United Kingdom.
  4. Pratt...
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