How to Help Pay Off Your Student Fees Whilst Still Studying

students Feb 14, 2018

This post is going to give you some practical advice on how to pay off your student loans, and avoid working in the classic jobs that most students end up in to earn their way through college.

This is practical information that you can apply immediately.

This is not a get quick rich scheme. We genuinely need your help and you could genuinely benefit from ours.

1. Join The Fashion Student Hub Affiliate Scheme

All you need to do is promote our courses. To get started you need three things two of which you almost certainly have. We'll give you the third for free.

Here's what a successful affiliate needs:

  1. To be active on at least one social network.
  2. Have an interest in fashion.
  3. An affiliate account with The Fashion Student Hub. To sign up click here.

How It Works

Once you register with us you are provided with your unique affiliate account. We'll send you the log-in details then once you're logged in your account dashboard will show you all the courses that are eligible for...

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A Student's View of The Fashion Student Hub

students Nov 20, 2017

From time to time we invite students and new entrants in the fashion industry to offer their perspective on learning, personal development and how to succeed in getting a foothold in the fashion industry. 

Here's a recent post by one such person Fernanda Ondarza Dovali who gives us her views on The fashion Student Hub and more.

My Perspective as a Student of Fashion

Have you ever doubted your own ability to succeed or make the right decision – not knowing where to look for help?

I have.

My name is Fernanda and I'm a former Fashion Design BA student and a current Fashion Communication BA student at the Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design. As a reference tool, The Fashion Studnet Hub will be a system I will use and wish I had known of before. Everything from how to make a portfolio for an application to which career pathway to choose – I can clearly identify with.

A Global Reach for Fashion Students

The Fashion Student Hub is an online educational system,...

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Why and How Students Should Get Involved With the Fashion Revolution Cause

With fashion revolution day just over a week away, we thought we would round-up why and how you should get involved with the cause, specifically as a young student.


What Is Fashion Revolution?

Fashion Revolution is initiative bringing the fashion industry and its consumers together to make it a more positive and transparent space. The date (24th April - 30th April) coincides with April 24, 2013, when 1134 people were killed in the Rana Plaza factory complex collapse in Bangladesh. The factory was home to many well-known high street brands and the disaster could have been prevented.  Although there has been some progress since, nothing drastic has changed. With around 75 million people working in the garment industry, 80% of them being women, it is our duty to support them when so many are subject to exploitation; verbal and physical abuse, working in unsafe conditions and very little wages.

Fashion Revolution Week was set up to bring people around the world together to...

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The Top Twenty Five Fashion Schools In The World In 2016

So, you have made up your mind that you want a career in the fashion industry and now have to make the daunting choice of which fashion school to go to, and how to choose which one is best for your own needs? Perhaps you want to travel abroad to study, or maybe you just want to be nearer home, but in a great town or city? 

In my opinion, city schools and universities are way better – if the goal is to become part of the fashion community, then to live as close to the action as possible is surely a must?

The top universities of course look grand on any CV. But besides this, students at these get a lot of opportunities to share their work with the best in the business world. If you have the financial means to go to these schools, then any of these will be a great choice.

Here are my top twenty five recommendations:

  1. Central Saint Martins - London United Kingdom
  2. Parson's School Of Design. New York/Paris
  3. London College Of Fashion. London United Kingdom.
  4. Pratt...
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