How to Help Pay Off Your Student Fees Whilst Still Studying

students Feb 14, 2018

This post is going to give you some practical advice on how to pay off your student loans, and avoid working in the classic jobs that most students end up in to earn their way through college.

This is practical information that you can apply immediately.

This is not a get quick rich scheme. We genuinely need your help and you could genuinely benefit from ours.

1. Join The Fashion Student Hub Affiliate Scheme

All you need to do is promote our courses. To get started you need three things two of which you almost certainly have. We'll give you the third for free.

Here's what a successful affiliate needs:

  1. To be active on at least one social network.
  2. Have an interest in fashion.
  3. An affiliate account with The Fashion Student Hub. To sign up click here.

How It Works

Once you register with us you are provided with your unique affiliate account. We'll send you the log-in details then once you're logged in your account dashboard will show you all the courses that are eligible for you to promote.

Each course has a unique URL that is associated with you. Once you copy that URL and start promoting it through your social network you can start to earn commissions.

If someone clicks on your URL a cookie is left in their browser that records they visited the course through the link you promoted. That is active for 30 days. If they buy the course within 30 days then you are eligible for your commission.

What You Can Earn

Each of our courses has an affiliate commission rate which is typically 50% or more of the net course fee. We subtract any taxes and transaction fees due and then you earn based on what's left. So if a course is sold for £120 including VAT you'll get about £50 if the course is old from your affiliate links when the commission rate is 50%.

What Courses Are Eligible

We review the eligibility of courses constantly. Here are the ones that are currently in our affiliate scheme.

How to Promote Your Affiliate Links

If you're active on social media then you have the perfect tools to promote your unique affiliate links. To get started simply join our scheme by signing up here and begin today. 




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