100 Of The Best Inspiring Fashion Quotes

free stuff inspiration Oct 10, 2016

Have you ever wondered why quotes are so popular? Why is it that fashion quotes or any other type of quote get re-Tweeted and pinned so often?  

We have our theory. We think it's because they express what we know, think, feel, believe, accept as true, imagine, hope, fear, dream of, desire, and acknowledge, as being concrete and true. Often we connect with the quote because of our own experiences of life.

Quotes are often easy to remember because they rhyme or are simple to memorise. Sometimes they motivate and inspire us to take action or to think differently.

Often or not the ones that really connect with us do so at an emotional level where they tug at our heart strings and move us.

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So we've put together a list of 100 inspiring fashion quotes that you can have delivered to your email inbox . You can collect these and save the ones that really trigger some emotional pulse in you. Print them off and pin them to your...

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