Fashion Student Images Required

free courses Dec 04, 2016

One of the aspects of creating great content that's relevant for fashion students is ensuring that the visuals we use are relevant, current, topical and of a high quality. This means making sure we source our visuals from the root source, fashion students themselves.

To ensure we meet these goals we need your help to provide us with royalty free images that we can use within our courses and on our websites both at and (our sister site for fashion subject experts). 

What We Need

We need images of daily life in your university setting or studio. Anything that illustrates life as a fashion student we will consider. Well almost so pictures of you drunk at an end of year party isn't what we have in mind. But if you can capture elements of your work, scenes from your studio, close up shots of you at work pattern cutting, sewing, drawing, working at your computer, etc are a few examples.

As Your Reward

As a reward for sending us a selection...

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