Top 10 Tips For Cutting Fabrics Accurately And Efficiently

fabrics skills tips Nov 11, 2016

Here's a simple guide on how to cut fabric. For seasoned students, you'll hopefully have remembered these from college. But for those of you new to the technique these tips will guide you so you cut accurately and efficiently every time avoiding costly mistakes such as wasted time and fabrics.

Here you go then:

  1. Always lay your fabric on a table or cutting mat on the floor. A table is best as it's better for your back and comfort. Make sure you can access all sides of the table to reach the fabric.
  2. Use and iron if necessary to iron out any wrinkles and creases so your fabric is flat. Make sure you then align the straight and cross grains exactly so they are perpendicular. If your pattern pieces are wrinkled you can use an iron to flatten them too.
  3. If your fabric has a directional print or nap (like velvet or corduroy), pay extra attention to how you’re laying out your pattern pieces so every piece is facing the right direction. It all need to match up. The same principle goes...
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